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Friday, June 1, 2012

Concious Discipline--A Totally Different Behaviour Management Model

Heather at Heather's Heart has been blogging about her journey through Dr. Becky A. Bailey's approach to classroom management.  I just got my copy of the book in the mail, and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I NEED HELP TO HELP MY STUDENTS!!!  There is a lot of animosity and violence going on in my room.  I have to do something different because what I'm doing isn't working... 

What is this all about?  Well, I'm just beginning my journey, but a lot it revolves around the teacher showing children how to be compassionate and make good choices simply for the fact that those choices are good and not for extrinsic rewards.

What are just a few of the resources the website provides?

So, as part of Heather's book study, I'm answering the following questions: 

*What are most discipline models built on?
A system of rules, rule-breaking, and consequences for the rule-breaking.  It rewards compliance and punishes rule-breaking in the hopes that both approaches will make students more obedient.  If the consequences don't work, the student is removed from the class or school (AKA: rejection and removal).  It is based on the belief that we can control others, children learn what NOT to do by being disciplined, and that any conflict will keep all students from learning.
*What is the goal of the School Family?
The teacher, students, and school coming together in moments of conflict to communicate and overcome conflict.  Instead of shying away from conflict, everyone works together to make it a teachable moment/series of events.

*What 3 premises are CD built on?
  • Controlling and changing ourselves is possible and has profound impact on others
  • Connectedness governs behavior
  • Conflict is an opportunity to teach
*Since change must begin with ourselves, which belief speaks to your heart?
"Conflict is an essential part of life.  It presents us with the opportunity to learn a missing skill or let go of a limiting belief."  Several of my students are having a hard time when they hit any kind of roadblock to what they want to do.  They are already so angry with the world, that they lash out physically.  I would love to teach them perseverance!

*Why is self control such a crucial part of CD? What does this mean to you?
This is what I call being "warm and fuzzy."  It means that you cultivate your own garden, so to speak, before you try to teach it to others.  You don't just pretend to be happy all the time, you actually embrace the fact that conflict will happen and there are healthy ways to deal with it.  Why is this so important to me?  Well, because I NEED to learn how to do this!

*What is the purpose of the 7 Powers? The 7 skills?
The 7 powers state that each person is in control of their attitude, but not necessarily of what others will do.  When conflicts arise, they should be met with love and treated as teachable moments.

The 7 skills are learning how to say "no" when the arises and helping children learn from their mistakes, but it is also about catching those teachable moments when the conflict occurs.


Kim said...

Hi Heather:

I am always so excited to find a new upper grade blog. I'm your newest follower!

I also just ordered the Conscious Discipline book. There is so much to learn. I can't wait to try some different things next year...

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Pat's Paper Passion said...

Thanks, The group of 4th graders that I'll have this fall have been a challenge academically and socially. I'm excited to read more about Conscious Discipline.

Thanks again...this is why I LOVE blogging...there are so many great suggestions and ideas.


A Time to Share & Create


Fabulous 4th Grade

Heather said...

Kim and Pat: I'm always to humbled and happy to be able to share anything I find with the blogging community. Pat: I was already a follower of your blog. Kim: I'm not a follower of your blog. So excited to see your ideas.

Mary Bauer said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I will have to find a copy of this book. It sounds like something the students I teach need. (Me, too.)
Artistry of Education

April Walker said...

Another book I need to buy...

Heather said...

Mary and April: As I read more, I am more and more intrigued by the ideas in the book. I highly recommend it!