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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Virginia Studies Foldable of the Week: Roles of Virginians During the American Revolution

I just love foldables.  It's kind of like getting to do a craft or art project while still learning the core information.  The students love them, too.  So I try to use them as often as time will allow.

The one that I'm excited about this week was created by Susie Orr for Fairfax County Schools.  It's on a website I've mentioned in a previous post:  STAR (Suffolk Teaching Activities & Resources).  It covers the VS.5 SOL about roles of Virginians during the Revolutionary War.

Here's the first page of the foldable:

There's a total of 3 pages, but when cut out and made with flaps, it ends up being two in the students' notebooks.  You can browse the site or go directly to the foldable by clicking here.

Other websites that give you great foldables and activities:
VA Studies-Cool Stuff: The activities are organized by tabs at the top of the screen that include the VS SOL numbers. 

United States History: This one's more for 5th Grade U.S. History, but I like seeing what students will have to know next year and how it connects to what I'm teaching.

History on Tap:  Includes numerous review activities, including refrigerator magnets.

How about you?  Do you use foldables in social studies?

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