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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mixing Weather and Prepositions

We've been learning about cloud types in Science and we're constantly reviewing grammar.  So, it's always nice when we can combine the two.

First, here are some great ideas for differentiating between the cloud types:

A cloud flip book from Crazy for First Grade blog.

Take the kids outside to identify what's in the sky with this cloud viewer from Nature Watch.

Make a cloud strip that lists the different cloud types by altitude.  This came from The Inspired Classroom blog.

After introducing the cloud types and their altitudes, we reviewed prepositions.  Then we watched a cloud-preposition video.

As an extension, we did the following activity:
   Have students draw, label (name of cloud and prepositional phrase of position in sky), and cut out a shape of one of the clouds:  Choose one of the three main types of clouds (cumulus, stratus, cirrus). 
·         Have them write about what the presence of the cloud means for the people on the ground (weather conditions).
·         When all the clouds are ready, tell your little meteorologists to put their heads down and hang out at their desks.
·         Play music while students hide their clouds around the room.
·         Have each child one at a time go hide their cloud somewhere in the classroom. When they are done, have them tap the next student on the shoulder.
·         Have the students write sentences, using prepositions, describing where they found or hid their objects.   Example: The puffy cumulous cloud was hiding UPON the sunny window sill OR I found my plump cumulous cloud hiding BENEATH a hefty stack of chairs.  This is also a great lesson on word choice and adding DETAILS to your writing.
How about you?  Have you combined some Science and grammar in your classroom? 

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