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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Long Division Videos and Games

Wow.  Long division is always one of those things that takes numerous resources and practice to master.  This year, I've added some new videos for my anticipatory sets and review.  I've also found some websites and games that

Introducing long division
Anticipatory Set for introducing division with base ten/place value blocks:
This video from Education Unboxed is a fantastic way to introduce long division using place value blocks as arrays.  I had never thought to do this before!  Considering we just finished our unit on arrays as they apply to multiplication, this was a natural first step.

This video from Nextvista shows a group of students incorporating kinesthetics into their long division by doing a dance with different movements to go with the steps to long division.  Then there's a video actually doing the steps on paper.
Another video incorporating kinesthetics and a rap.
This video shows how to front end estimate long division problems.

Practicing Facts
Sum Sense Game that gives three numbers and has students drag and drop them to create division facts.
Division Machine Game

Reviewing long division
Fun4thebrain games
Division hidden number game: You can differentiate the numbers so that there are remainders.  The problem will either give the quotient, divisor, or dividend and the student has to fill in the missing number.

So, this is the first couple of weeks of our long division unit.  Obviously, there's a ton of practice and review needed.  Do you have any other resources for introducing or reviewing long division?  I could use all the help I can get!

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