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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cooperative Learning Groups

I use the Guided Model for most subjects, which means students spend a lot if time in small groups.

In Reading and Math, the groups are determined by preassessments and individual needs. In Science and Social Studies, it's a different story.  I randomly assign groups by pulling Popsicle sticks. I do reserve the right to change group members if the dynamics are off. 

After groups are together , I have them quickly and randomly choose group jobs. I do this with the spinner included in my Cooperative Groups packet.

I then pass out the group job description sheets.  I really focus on the Words of Encouragement part of the group Booster's job description (below), especially at the beginning of the year to build a sense of community.

This editable PowerPoint includes:
~Directions on how to create the groups and job descriptions
~A spinner to randomly choose jobs for students
~Job descriptions and checklists for the following jobs: Guide, Booster, Materials, Recorder, Reporter

If you'd like a complete copy, you can pick one up by clicking here.

Do you use Cooperative Learning Groups?  If so, do you use the same jobs?  I'd love to hear how you use them.

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