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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Teaching Equal Versus Inequality

We have already learned the algebraic properties of addition (commutative, associative, zero property) and we have been practicing our addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.  Now we are practicing understanding the connection between all these inverse operations.  While learning all this, we also are solving equations to see if they are equal or inequalities.

To help mix all these concepts together, I came up with a sort.

The first page is addition and subtraction equations and the second page is multiplication and division equations.  Students solve the equations and determine if the statement is true or false.  If it is true, they glue the equation under Equal.  If it is not true, they glue it under Inequality.

The editable PowerPoint includes:
~A cut and glue sort that has students solving equations and deciding whether they are equal or inequalities
~The first sort is addition/subtraction equations
~The second sort is multiplication/division equations
~Answer keys for both sorts that allow for quick or self-checking work

If you'd like to pick up the whole packet, click here.

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