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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Helping Students Retain Math Concepts

In fourth grade, we start introducing some brand new math ideas and ask students to start using the information they previously learned in advanced ways.  For many students, this is stressful and they experience "brain dump."  Essentially, brain dump is where you "learn" something long enough to take the test and then dump the information from your brain for good.

So how do I help them retain the information?  A "Problem of the Day."  I'm working on the problems they will be required to complete after the first couple of months.  I want it to directly relate to what they've already learned, but also what they will be learning.

This is a PowerPoint presentation.  I print the slides and either laminate them or put them in page protectors.  Then I can use a dry erase markers to change the information.  I have students complete one or two of the activities each day as a warm up before math and then we discuss.  You can pick up a FREE copy at my TpT store by clicking here.

Do you use a review activity before each math lesson?  How do you get your students to practice and retain previously taught information?

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