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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Should Teachers Dress up for Halloween?

Does your school allow or encourage teachers to dress up for Halloween?  Do you need a school-appropriate costume?  Then this post is for you!

First, figure out if you’re going solo or a group theme. 

Solo Costumes

This one could be solo or group. It comes from this website

Group Costumes

Shark Week
With “Baby Shark” being so popular everywhere, why not do a “Shark Week” theme?  It doesn’t need to be elaborate. The picture below comes from this website

Turtle Power
How about an easy DIY from this website?

Science Humor

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t try to encourage you to get some science in your life. 

Table of Elements
This is demonstrated on children, but it’d be easy to duplicate on adults. The idea came from this website

Put measurements on a T-shirt and a graduation cap. A graduated cylinder!

Humorous Costumes 

Tape Smarties candy to your pants and go as a smarty pants. 

Make a piece of foam board look like graph paper and put fake snakes on it (Snakes on a Plane)

Get a funky colored wig and pull it into a troll-do.  Then put on the most brightly colored clothes you can find, use some blusher to do circles on your cheeks, and go as a troll.

Report card: Placard on the front and on the back. Could easily turn it into a lab report.

Keep It Simple

Wear all black and put dots on you...YOU'RE A DOMINO! a nurse  or doctor..

What would you add to this list?  I'm a "Keep It Simple" kind of gal myself!