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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Math Rounding Rules Poster

Each year, we almost always start out with a review of place value as it applies to rounding, and each year, I feel like I cannot do enough to help students remember the rules for rounding to a specific place value.

So I created a poster to put up next to my math word wall that I will refer students to when we are doing our daily review.  After all, I can say it a million times but ultimately, they must make that metacognitive process work for themselves.  The more they go look at the poster, the more they will commit it to memory or at least learn to read the room!

This customizable polka dot PowerPoint shows the little saying that I use to teach/review rounding rules with my students. I have added a little extra to it this year, so we'll see how successful the saying is! You can pick up a FREE COPY by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I came across a similar poster on Pinterest:

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5 or more, let it soar!