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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vocabulary Test Template

This year, I've made an extra effort to make my vocabulary instruction rich and meaningful.  I've started having students preview new chapters/units in their Science and Virginia Studies textbooks for all the bold, italic, and highlighted words (see the example below).

Students list any "cloudy" (heard it before, but not sure what it means) and "don't know" (never seen or heard of it) words on their whiteboards.  I then write the words on sentence strips and put them on our vocabulary word wall.
Over the course of the unit or chapter, we complete vocabulary/word study activities with these words.  After the unit test is complete and all words have been thoroughly practiced, I give a vocabulary test.  Below is a template that I use and just change the words in the word bank. 
The template includes the following activities:
Write the definition in your own words
Give an example/non-example
Use the word in a sentence
I left the words and definitions in the template for your reference.  You will just need to change them.
You can pick up a free copy by clicking here.


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Great idea! I'm always looks for meaningful vocabulary instruction ideas.

Shepherd's Shining Stars

Heather said...

I'm always searching for ideas myself!