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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shout Out Sunday: Ecosystems and Biomes

In a recent forum, it was suggested that we test out and give a shout out to other bloggers/TpT sellers that have products we love.  I, naturally, was all for it!

In this particular shout out, I want to thank Julie Smith from The Techie Teacher!  First, because she incorporates technology into almost every lesson.  Secondly, because her webquests for biomes, habitats, and ecosystems are great!  As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to use them this year as a lab/research project!  Last, but not least, her products are VERY reasonably priced.  This is always appealing to me.

Julie's Biome/Habitat Webquest

Julie's Ecosystem/Habitat Webquest

Thank you Julie for making science and technology blend so easily!

I was inspired to add on to this with an activity that extends Julie's concepts to include abiotic and biotic factors of the ecosystems, habitats, and biomes.

In this part of the activity, students are taking a nature walk around their neighborhood/school to find abiotic and biotic factors.

This part of the activity asks students to name the factors as well as to draw food chains and webs, and name the ecosystem and biome.

This editable PowerPoint includes:
Standards of Learning for this activity:
LS.6: c, d
LS.8: a, b
LS.9: a, b

~Teacher directions page for prerequisite learning, differentiation suggestions, and technology differentiations
~2 sets of student instructions, depending on whether you choose to use paper copies or use technology
~1 slide of a marine/beach ecosystem
~1 slide of a pond ecosystem
~Student answer sheets that ask students to identify the following:
The food chain, food web, ecosystem, biome, abiotic factors, and biotic factors.
~A Nature Walk activity that has students looking for abiotic and biotic factors around their neighborhood and school
~answer keys for the ecosystem student answer sheets

You can pick up a copy by clicking here.

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