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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February Recipe Round-Up: Valentine's Day!

One of my favorite perks of being a teacher is the ability to try out new recipes on weekends and holiday breaks.  I'd be lying if I said that food isn't important to me.  It gives me comfort and a sense of satisfaction when I make a dish that nourishes my family.  It brings us together and gives us memories to share.  What better time is there to make culinary memories than Valentine's Day?

In that spirit, I am joining Laurah at The ESOL Odyssey for her monthly Recipe Round-Up.

In the past, I would try to plan a baked surprise for my husband.  BUT... I have a one-year-old now.  That means that it has to be something quick, healthy, and still tasty.  The first thing that came to mind was fruit and chocolate dip.  How about some yummy chocolate pudding that can also be used as a fruit dip?

These directions will make 2 servings:
--12 ounces plain Greek Yogurt.  I buy 4% FULL FAT Greek yogurt because that is the recommended yogurt for our Little Man, but I have used low fat and it still tastes great. 
-- 4 TB unsweetened baking cocoa 
--Sweetener to taste.  I use Stevia crystals because at this point, science claims it's healthy for babies. 
Stir all ingredients until smooth. 
Slice some fruit and add nuts (only for mommy and daddy) to complete the yumminess.  I like to use a banana, strawberries and  almonds.

This dip is so rich and creamy.  I know the whole family will love this!

Do you have a family-friendly Valentine's recipe?  

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