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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Patrick Henry Readers Theater

Are you teaching about the American Revolution and/or reviewing for your history SOL? Here's an activity that incorporates reading, cooperative learning, and Virginia Studies/U.S. History!

When I searched for readers theater for history, I found very little. So, I decided to make my own resource

This readers theater includes many of the famous founding fathers who wrote the declaration of independence, as well as key players.  It focuses on Patrick Henry's famous speech at St. John's Church in Richmond.

This Readers Theater will help students to:
~ Become familiar with Patrick Henry's famous speech at St. John's Church that called his countrymen to arms. 

It also reviews the difficulty George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had with coming to the decision to declare war on King George, including:
French and Indian War
~ Taxation without representation
~ Intolerable Acts
~ The Boston Tea Party
~ Bacon's Rebellion
~ Burgesses 

It works well as either an introduction or a review. 

You can pick up a copy by clicking here.

How do you teach/review the Revolutionary War?  I'd love to hear how!

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