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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Patrick Henry Readers Theater

I love to use Readers Theater whenever I can in all subjects.  The problem is that once you get into the upper grades, there aren't too many scripts that are on grade level.  I also find that there aren't too many Social Studies scripts.  So, I made one of my own.

This Readers Theater will help students to become familiar with Patrick Henry's famous speech at St. John's Church that called his countrymen to arms. It works well as either an introduction or a review. It also reviews the difficulty George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had with coming to the decision to declare war on King George. Other concepts mentioned/reviewed: French and Indian War, taxation without representation, Intolerable Acts, The Boston Tea Party, Bacon's Rebellion, burgesses.

You can pick up a free copy at my TpT store by clicking here.

Do you have any Readers Theater scripts you've created?  I'd love for you to share!

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Andrea McEvoy said...

Hey! This is awesome!!! I wish I had known about this a couple weeks ago. I will definitely bust it out for review time! rock!

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