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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Using Sticky Notes for Reading Comprehension

I love using a Reader's Notebook to increase reading comprehension.  A goal I have for myself for next year is to increase readers' use of sticky notes to mark their thinking.  After digging around for a bit on Pinterest and the Internet, I came up with the following visual.

This PDF can be turned into a poster or simply printed and stapled into readers' notebooks. It is designed to help readers track their thinking on sticky notes, which in turn, help the teacher see the areas in which the students need help or have mastered.             

You can pick up a copy by clicking here.

I also felt like this is not solely for reading class, either.  Why not add a copy of it to our Social Studies or Science notebooks?  There is so much reading comprehension that needs to happen for full understanding in these subjects as well.

What about you?  Do you already use this method?  Is there anything you do differently?  I'd love to hear your strategies!


Mrs. Shepherd said...

I do teach these strategies, but usually I pose the questions and students turn and talk to discuss. I'd like to have students do more of these strategies independently.

Thanks for sharing!
Shepherd's Shining Stars

Heather said...

I do want most of this to occur during independent reading. I think we'll spend a good deal of time at the beginning of the year discussing the questions before I turn them loose on their own :)

4321Teach said...

My district started balanced literacy last year. Although I have done this for many years, it was brand new to both of my schools.
My district found that students were spending more time on writing about their reading than actually reading.
So we are trying to find a balance.
I think sticky notes are great way and I am going to encourage my teachers to use sticky-notes to mark their thinking and then spend the last 5ish minutes of the workshop reflecting in their notebooks.
Your sticky-note guide is a great tool.
Thank you so much for sharing it!

Heather said...

Antoinette: I do worry about them strategizing more than they are APPLYING. I may dedicate a solid 20 minutes to just reading and maybe another 10-15 with the sticky notes. Glad you can use the guide! Let me know if you find that balance!