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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Division on a Hundreds Chart

I cannot express how much I love hundreds charts.  Adding, subtracting, multiplication, division...  It's the Jack of All Trades!

You can find great hundreds charts all over the place.  For this post, I'm using this chart from Elementary Organization.  After becoming comfortable with the chart, I eventually have the students draw their own.  The reason?  Students can always draw a hundreds chart, but I can't provide them with one for state tests.

Now, on to the math.

Rounding and Dividing
I have the students use compatible numbers to round 94 divided by 3 (95 divided by 5).

Use hundreds chart to skip count by fives until quotient (95) is reached.  You can skip count by 5s 19 times to get to 95.

So, the answer/quotient is about 19.

Now, to do the actual problem.

The real question is:  How many groups of 3 are there inside of 94?

There are 31 groups of 3, with 1 leftover (remainder).

Obviously, this only works up to 100 unless students add on to the chart.  So this is really more of an introductory or review activity.

Do you use a hundreds chart for division?  I'd love to know how!

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