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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Top 5 Pandora Stations for Pre-K

I LOVE music. It can either emphasize my current mood or inspire a new mood altogether. Depending on what my family is doing, we choose one of the following Pandora stations:

1. Toddler Radio: This one is mostly upbeat, with many recognizable children's songs included. I like to use this one when I'm prepping dinner and my son is playing independently. We sing and dance together as the mood strikes us. 

2. The Mozart Effect (Children's Radio): I like to use this station when my son is doing something creative that requires his attention, such as art or Play-Doh.  It's also great for the early morning or late evening, when we need to keep things low-key. 

3. Baby Einstein (Children's) Radio: Okay.  I know it says "baby" in the title, but this one is similar to the Toddler station with a little more classical music. I like to switch between the two to give me a little variety in the songs.

4.  Rockabye Baby! (Children's) Radio:  Once again, ignore the "baby" in the title.  It's nice to be able to listen to the instrumental/slow tempo version of songs by bands like Muse and Aerosmith.  As the title suggests, it's all lullaby instruments in place of the usual guitars and drums.  It's pretty amazing, actually.  It's great for bath/bedtime routines when we are winding down for the day. I find my son humming along with me to some of my favorite songs as we go through our evening.

What are your favorite Pandora stations for your time at home?  I'd love to get some new station ideas from you!

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