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Monday, March 12, 2018

Get Inspired With Irish Spring Diffuser Blend

Are you ready for Spring?  Even if it’s not here, you can get that Spring fresh scent with March’s diffuser blend: Irish Spring. 

Get Inspired With Irish Spring Diffuser Blend

You can make this blend with:
3 Lime
3 Rosemary
2 Lemon
2 Spearmint

Irish Spring is the perfect blend for March because:
We are all looking forward to Spring.  This is such a clean-smelling blend that it makes me think about those first days of Spring that keep me looking forward to opening up the windows and basking in the sun.

Let's talk about why each of the Ingredients are so effective:

Like most citrus oils, lime has cleansing properties, due to a compound called limonene. It’s great for cleaning surfaces in your cleaning spray and purifying the air in our Diffuser Blend. 

Another amazing multipurpose oil. This oil fights respiratory infections and chronic fatigue, improves memory and focus, and promotes emotional balance.  One of its main constituents is a hydrocarbon called Terpinen-4-ol (pronounced ter-pin-in-4-O-L), which has an antibacterial and antifungal effect similar to what is found in Melaleuca. 

If you’ve watched any of my previous videos, you know that lemon is one of my absolute favorites. It’s a purifier and cleanser, much like lime. I put it in my liquid dish soap and powder detergents. It’s also in my seasonal allergy Diffuser Blend, so stay tuned for that!

I call this “peppermint light”. It’s a really clean and refreshing scent. I believe peppermint would overpower the other oils in this blend, so spearmint is perfect. It promotes focus and uplifts our mood, which is why it’s the last ingredient in this cleansing spring blend. 

Fun facts To compliment the Irish Spring Blend:
Need to get stickers or sticker residue off something?  Just use a few drops of lemon oil!  Massage it onto the residue with your fingers and voila!  No need for goo gone!

Have a great month and I’ll see you next time where I’ll be sharing a blend inspired by allergy season!

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