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Monday, February 26, 2018

How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

Do you want to increase student participation and assignment/homework completion?  Do you have students who seem impossible to motivate?  Then I have some solutions for you in this post!

How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

1. Rethink Homework
If homework isn’t getting completed on a regular basis, consider not assigning it. 
  • Make all work achievable in class time. 
  • Have them break up information and present it to each other.  Students can complete a graphic organizer as others present. 

You can also read my homework post based on Myron Dwek’s Grading Smarter Not Harder

How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

2. Rethink Study Guides
  • First, start with the test in mind. Create study guides from the tests. 
  • To help students keep track of them, print them on colored paper. 
  • Have them quiz each other daily on the study guide, even if it’s just a few minutes at the beginning of class. 

3. Rethink Review and Test Prep
Turn it into a game with this Review Games Packet

How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

If you have access to technology:
 Webquests, edPuzzle, Kahoot (and more) can all add excitement to a class while reviewing content. 

Offer extra credit for thinking outside the box:
I tell them they can add any information not already on the test related to this subject to the study guide for extra credit.

4. Get Them Moving
I give a specific example of this in my post on 22 Interactive Learning Structures 

How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

Another post I did was based on Rick Wormeli’s Summarization in Any Subject

You can pick up a FREE copy of the Human Bingo board
How to Reach the “Unreachable” Students

Some other good options for getting students standing and moving:
Learning stations
Gallery walks

What are some other ways you reach those students who struggle?  I always need more ideas!

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