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Monday, September 3, 2018

Decreasing Grading Time Series: Using Videos to Engage and Assess Students

Are you struggling to keep up with grading? Do you spend hours upon hours grading?  Do you struggle with creating and grading assignments?  Then this post is for you!

Decreasing Grading Time Series: Using Videos to Engage and Assess Students


What is it?  

  • You can use any YouTube video and build a quiz into it. 
  • You can use the cut tool to snip any unwanted parts from the video. 
  • You can use multiple choice and free-response type questions.  
  • You can connect it to Google Classroom for easy/automatic assessment.
  • Multiple choice questions are graded automatically. 
  • Depending on your county's internet security measures, putting a YouTube video in EdPuzzle will sometimes circumvent the problem of blocked YouTube videos. 
  • If students fail the assessment, they can reset and watch it again.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Students can not edit their responses.
  • Students need to watch the video until the end or it will not show up as complete.  
  • If you have multiple “correct answers” students must select all to get it “correct”.  A way to fix this is to give any opinion questions a short-answer format.
  • Short-Answer questions are not automatically graded.  The teacher must read through those.


What is it?  

It was formally known as eduCanon.  Here's the full explanation of what Playposit is.

  • Similar to Edpuzzle, except this website allows you upload videos from various places (not just YouTube) and use them as interactive assessments.  These places include: YouTube, LearnZillion, TeacherTube, Vimeo, and Khan Academy
  • Students can't skip past anything they haven't already watched

How does it help with grading? 

  • It sends the assessment data to the gradebook on your existing learning management system, such as edmodo, moodle, Blackboard, and Powerschool.
  • If you don't have a learning management system, the results are sent to the dashboard on playposit

General Strategies

  • Do a short formal assessment in class after students have watched the video.  This way, you can check what they know/recall without the video or other resources in front of them.
  • Have students take notes while they watch and let them use the notes for the assessment that will follow
  • Cloze Reading:  Here's the full explanation of what Cloze Reading is, but I use it with my videos by typing up the transcript of the video as I watch it or sometimes the transcript is provided by website.  I then blank out key words, print the transcript, and have students fill in the blanks as they watch.

Come back next week to see the next part of the Decreasing Grading Time Series: Using Apps to Engage and Assess Students.  See you soon!

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