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Monday, September 10, 2018

Decreasing Grading Time Series: Using Apps to Engage and Assess Students

Are you struggling to keep up with grading? Do you spend hours upon hours grading?  Do you struggle with creating and grading assignments?  Then this post is for you!

Decreasing Grading Time Series: Using Apps to Engage and Assess Students


What is it?  Here's an in-depth summary of ZipGrade, but it's basically a Google app that uses an Android device's camera as a grading scanner for multiple-choice tests.  

How does it help with grading?  You can use it in addition to the ZipGrade website for additional options once you create a free user profile.  It's a great option for IEP students who have modifications for a paper test.

Google Forms

What is it?  Here's the full explanation of what Google Forms does.  It's a Google app in which you can create quizzes, exit tickets and various assessment tools.  You then give the sharable link to your students via email or online classroom website.

How does it help with grading?  There are options you can select while you are creating the assessment that allows it to be immediately graded once you provide the app with the answer key you will also create.  You can add feedback for correct and incorrect answers so students know how to approach that question in the future.  By setting up the answer key, the results will be tallied and available to you with the click of a button.  If you use it to create exit tickets, it grades itself, and from that, you can make groups for practice the next day. It makes differentiation so easy!


What is it?  This app uses devices to assess knowledge with exit tickets or questions (multiple-choice, true/false, short answer).

How does it help with grading?  You create and save your assessments to your Socrative account.  It tallies the results and allows you to view them by class, student, or question results.  These results can be downloaded and sent to email or Google Drive.


What is it?  Here's a comprehensive explanation of Quizizz.  I've heard it described as Kahoot, only quiet.  There's still competition, but less noise.

How does it help with grading?  You use a bank of quizzes that are already created and modify them to best assess your students.  Theses questions are presented to students at their own pace and the results can be sorted by class-level and student-level and downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet.


What is it?  If you're worried about engagement with Kahoot and not being 1:1 with your technology, try using Plickers instead!  The device is used scan paper cards for student responses.

How does it help with grading?  All you need to do is print out the game cards, and have either an iPad or a cell phone for you to scan the cards when students answer a question.  You also can download reports if you choose to give the students grades.

Come back next week to see the next part of the Decreasing Grading Time Series: General Strategies to Engage and Assess Students.  See you soon!

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