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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Donors Choose Project Funded!

I just had my fourth Donors Choose project funded!  If you are unfamiliar with Donors Choose, it's a fabulous resource for teachers to request materials needed for their classroom.  Generous donors choose what projects to which they'd like to contribute.  When the project is fully funded, the materials are shipped to your school.

For more information on the vendors from which you can "shop" and request materials, click here.

This time, I requested math literature that would match the rest of my curriculum from Kaplan Learning Company.  You can check out the whole package below by clicking here.

Not only is this book great for teaching the various kinds of graphs, but I also had students use it to help them create a line graph to chart the changes in speed for our ramp and toy car experiment in science.
This is an excellent book (The Moon is Broke Together)!  It talks about the phases of the Moon and how each phase is actually a fraction of a whole (full moon).  The Making Literature Connections - Manual with Books - Grades 4-5 kit that comes with these books has a great activity that has students sort the phases in order of their fractions of the whole.
Another great perimeter and area activity goes with Spaghetti and Meatballs for All using snap cubes.
Students can also learn to build, compare, and order decimals with the book above. 

I haven't finished creating/copying all the activities, but I'm telling you, it's well worth the money even if you choose to purchase it with your own money!

How about you?  Do you have any good books to link all the subjects together?

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