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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Major Virginia Battles of the Civil War

The Civil War had SOOOO many battles, generals, winners, and losers.  This can be a bit of information overload for students.  So I created...

This PowerPoint shows the three major Civil War battles that happened in Virginia: 1st Battle of Manassas, Fredericksburg, and Hampton Roads.  It also gives details such as leaders, winners, and losers of each battle.  There is a chart with the organized information included.

We drew icons on the map for people like Stonewall Jackson (a bull busting through a stone wall to help them remember who the general was and where the battle occured).  It might look something like this:

Students can draw any icons they want, so long as it helps them connect to the information.  Actually, it seems like the sillier, the better :)

You can pick up a free copy by clicking here.

What strategies do you use to organize nonfiction information and increase metacognition?

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